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Wat is Twitter nou eigenlijk?

Posted in Andrew Dubber, twitter by Jeroen de Boer on november 27, 2010


Andrew Dubber verwoordt het als volgt en daaraan hoef ik wat mij betreft niets toe te voegen:

First and foremost, Twitter is not a broadcast medium. It is, at its simplest, human beings talking to each other. One way to approach it is as if you’re in a bar. If you start shouting ‘check me out’, ‘buy my record’ or ‘let me show you my video’, you’re going to be rightly avoided. But if you have genuine conversations about interesting things, and listen more than you talk – people are going to find you interesting.

But Twitter is different than pub chats as well. In a way, it’s more like thinking aloud. The people following you will see what you say – and what you say might spark thoughts, conversations and ideas. It is, as one friend describes it, a serendipity accelerator. If people know what you’re up to, or what you have on your mind, they’re far more likely to be friendly and helpful in ways you might not have anticipated.



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